Example Story – Beginning of First Draft

Beginning of First Draft

These are fictional scenes for an upcoming story, and should not be taken as reality.

(trying to see who should be drawing with Clarissa)
Casper smiled at Clarissa, “Claire, That’s a nice observation but no I didn’t want that,” Casper held her hand up to the still life. Then, he pulled her head to the side. “See it now?”
“No” said Clarissa, she was lying, really she wanted to feel his touch. He sat behind her and tried to see what she was seeing but saw the same exact scene he had viewed before.
“I don’t understand,” He scratched his head, “I see something totally different,”
“That’s because you’re a better artist,” She bit his ear.
“No, really you are,”
The smell of the paint in the room was overbearing, causing Camden to gag and put his shirt over his nose while he hovered in the doorway of the room. There was paint splattered everywhere. Drawings and paintings were situated everywhere as well. The middle of the room held what looked like an assortment of objects on top of a table.
“Now now, you’re the better artist,”
A plane could be heard flying over the building with its steady hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It caused the two artists to cast their eyes out the window.
“Did you hear about the upcoming dota match?”
“No Cas, why do you always bring this up?”
“Because I love that game,”
“More than me?”
“Why, we are just friends Claire,”
“I know,” she punched him,
“Why are you sitting behind my girl?” said Camden,
“You have to remember we were friends before you and I met,” She put her hands on her hips “Besides, we’re not dating”
“But we could be,” Camden smiled, Clarissa didn’t.
“He was just busting my balls,” explained Casper. The two artists stood up separating ways.
“I never knew what you liked about art or Storm liked about writing…”
“Well, I don’t know about our little sister, but it’s the magic you display in every scene,”
“She says the same thing,”




“You sure about this?” said Clarissa, she let Camden close the car door, “I mean your brother could just drive you,”
“I want you to drive me though,”
“But why,”
“You’ll find out later,” He saw a little anger show up on her face “Just bear with me,” She made a hmmph sound, she didn’t sound happy but she obliged.
“So why do you want me to drive you again?”
“Omg could we skip this part” He looked at his watch, looked over and winked at her. “Now we’re going to be late,”
“Like I was saying, why me?” She didn’t even start up the car, “Why not Janice, Rachel or Kimberly,”
He started laughing “I get it now, you’re nervous, don’t be nervous,”
“I’m not nervous just wondering what you’re deal is,” she started up the car “You always hit on me, you always come in when me and Cas are being intimate,” She stopped suddenly causing Camden to jerk forward.
“Woah Nelly,” he said as he jerked back “Driving on the wild side aren’t we?”
“I am starting to think you’re jealous,”
“I am not jealous just protecting what’s mine,” He said, and pulled her hair behind her ear.
“Don’t touch me while I drive,”
“So? Do you talk to all your suitors like this?”
She stopped again, this time at a red light. “Can you just let me drive?”
“Why, when our conversation was filled with dandelions and butterflies,”
“Listen if you don’t cut it out I won’t drive you again,”
“Ok Ok, I’ll call it quits…for now,” She looked over to see what he was doing. He looked plain as if he didn’t actually say what he just said.


“You can’t have him” said Olivia, she sipped the tea being careful not to spill it. She appeared lady like and professional all at the same time. The moon shined through the window etching its glare across the room’s table. Clarissa rattled her car keys and shook her foot.
“But why, he’s a grown man, of twenty five years”
“Just go with Cas,”
“But I want Camden,”
“Damnit Clarissa” Olivia slammed the tea cup down, spilling it “I said no,”
“but why”
Olivia withdrew to the window pulling the curtains further apart. She kept her eyes outside of that window for a few minutes. The evening light sparkled within her eyes. Clarissa watched the back of Olivia; a sour look on her face. Clarissa was a fighter and she would fight for this relationship. No matter the cost.
“The sky looks nice out today doesn’t it?”
“Why are you keeping him from me?”
“With the moon so bright and pregnant,”
“What’s your problem?”
“You like that breeze,” She held onto the window panes. Olivia smiled. “Nice and cold right,”
Clarissa gripped her cup of tea harder, hovering over the open hole it provided.
“Just how I like you and my son’s relationship,” Glass fell everywhere as she slammed the window shut. “But see, there can only be one cold receiver in this world,” She started picking up the glass, piece by piece “See Baltimore is cold also, and broken just like these shards,”
“You’re unbelievable,”
“Listen, my son doesn’t have time for distractions but my other son does,”
“I see now,”
“You see what?”
“You support Camden because he wants to empower Baltimore but you don’t support you’re other son because he wants to make a video game a professional sport.”
“You don’t understand what it is like to see your son out there, day in and day out making sacrifices and getting rejected for lazy video game players,”
“Ma,” said a figure in the doorway “Why have you never brought this to my attention before?” Tears dripped down his face and his voice trembled.
“Cas, your endeavor is just as important as Den’s”
“See this is why you should care for both your children,”
Clarissa walked out, a warm cloth around her shoulders. Olvia opened a drawer and pulled out some newspaper. Carefully, she spread the paper so she could put the glass pieces on top of it. When she was done, she bundled everything up.
“What a spoiled little slut didn’t even help.” She heard the front door slam.
“Eli, I need to talk to you,”
“What is it Clarissa, I am busy” She put her arms around him and wept in his chest. “What’s wrong,”
“You know we go way back, before I met Camden”
“Yea, I remember Casper introduced us, a few months before Janice introduced you to Den, I have it written down somewhere in here,”
“Olivia won’t let me date Camden,” she wept harder and pulled at Elijah’s clothing. Elijah wiped some of the tears from her face. Clarissa pushed his hand away. “She wants me to date Cas,”
“Listen, you should talk to Den about this,”
“But I am scared,”
“Listen,” He pulled her so he could see her face, “Just, talk to the man,”
“…His mother though,”
“I’ll talk to her,” He straightened up his clothing and handed her some tissue. “Just promise me you’ll talk to Den about this,”
Olivia threw stuff out the house, “Get out, out out out,” she said her voice a trombone over the raucous in the street.
“Listen Mrs. Peak,”
“Listen Elijah, I like you but stop meddling in my family’s affairs. I don’t want that girl with my son, that relationship disgusts me,”
“But why?”
“Because he can find someone so much better,”
“which is no one at the moment,”
A green car drove up in the driveway. It parked next to Elijah’s Corvette. Making a honk honk sound as it drove in, customary of the driver’s owner. Elijah and Olivia waved from there prospective spots.
“not true he has you, me, Neal, Cas, and Storm,”
“And he wants more with Rice,”
“I’ve talked to their father about this and Neal agrees with me,”
“Ma, what are you doing to the house?” said Casper, as he closed the car door.
“Starting NBW 3,”
“No you’re just making the neighbors think we’re crazy,”
“But we are crazy,”
“Listen Ma, I am all for spring cleaning, but it’s almost Halloween,” He started picking material up, occasionally, watching the curtains blow through the broken window as he did it, ”Listen Ma, I don’t know what you have against Cam and Claire but there has never been anything between us, not even a kiss,”
“But son, we talked about this, Rissa is best for you not for Den,”
Elijah gathered up some boxes to put the stuff in as Casper piled them inside. Olivia stared blankly from the window.
“No, mother, Camden and Claire are grown adults of twenty four and twenty five years, they can do whatever they want together,”
“I agree with Casper,”
“You would agree with him,”




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