Patch dreams with UI

  • Have everything that is timing close to each other. So we don’t have to look so far apart so much. the clock the gold and the minimap is what I’m talking about they’re too far apart. and the life and mana gauges of your hero…. too much effort to look at them presently.
  • Have a better pick screen … have it where you can choose ten heroes to play before you click “find game” and have the enemies ban from that list
  • Have every stat for every hero present during the match be visible on every screen instead of showing so much of the battlefield. What i mean is like showing whos alive and whos dead and the items they hold
  • Have points in the game instead of recording just kills also record other things like near deaths, saving from death, escapes, and other things worth recording…your making the entire community think this game is about killing people.
  • Mommamonster save. Divine save… Not sure how that will influence gold
  • Have a better system for controlling more than one character.
  • For the game to ask for custom key bindings each month
  • Not sure if This is good for the game but have three buttons for blocking and attacking… I am just afraid people will button mash
  • Ehm having valve make money from gaming keyboards and custom mice instead of hats and compendiums