Site News 9/1/2020

I will be taking a different take for this site from now on. I Will try and develop a certain idea over several months and have one idea discussed on a specific day. I don’t know why i find this development phase better than others. I might have to develop three ideas per day. One…


I need to figure out the site direction i want to do because i wanted to post ideas but im not writing enough people say. Some people want two thousand words and others want nine hundred So while i try and get back up with my writing i will post once or twice a month.


OK so I will be posting a changelog i want out of the game soon for the next patch and I will explain what I want out of the game while reviewing the current real patch released by valve. Hopefully i make it fun. I am still trying to figure out how to make suggestions…

12/10/2019 #2

I attached the broken link to the about page. And found it is hard to compare and surround an idea around four books. I have to study this alittle more i might squash the idea.


Well i have been churning out 300 word posts. I have writers block and i have no idea where it comes from. I will probably try and redo some of my posts see if i can get them up to 900 words. That is the goal atleast. Any way i will analyze 7.23 when i…